Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Post 377: PWAS Will No Longer Manage the Open Space Arts Gallery

PWAS Will No Longer Manage the Open Space Arts Gallery

July 2023. A new management group will take over the duties of managing the art gallery at Open Space Arts (OSA) at Stonebridge, located at 15000 #140 Potomac Town Center, Woodbridge, Virginia. The official changeover is set for October 1, 2023 and more information will be forthcoming. All inquiries about the gallery, its operation procedures, any new rules, calls for art, volunteering, art promotion, events, etc should be directed to the PWC OSA Gallery representative directly at 


Desk Phone:  703-944-0336

This PWAS Blog, Artistry Spin, will be updated to reflect these changes. 

Author: Donna Liguria
An artist member of PWAS in Woodbridge, VA and Artistry Spin Blog Admin, specializing in acrylic painting. She paints landscapes, seascapes, animals and many subjects. Visit her Website at, Donna's Etsy site and her Blog at Donna’s Cave Paintings.

Local Art: The Prince William Art Society is a 52-year-old non-profit art group in PWC for the appreciation of fine art throughout the county and Northern Virginia.

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  1. Is this a good change or ??

    1. Hello Anonymous, it can be whatever PWAS makes of it.

  2. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you can’t even tell there was a pride show from this blog.

  3. We are all adults here. Let's not comment as anonymous, feel free to share your comments openly.

  4. I don't speak for Herb, but after a discussion with him about this yesterday, it seems to me that he doesn't feel there was sufficient progress toward his larger innovative goals, Including: other art forms like performance art, corporate events and participation, live-stream events, press releases, more student participation, etc. I had heard some of these, but was not aware that he viewed them as PWAS responsibilities. He said his intention is not to push anyone out, but to get more of these goals accomplished. I hope we get details of the new organization soon.

  5. If those are the goals of Herb Williams and PW Parks and Rec for the OSA Gallery then perhaps it is best that they do take over the management of the gallery since PWAS is a club for visual artists involved in painting, sculpture, print making, digital art, photography, etc. and quite capable of populating the gallery with those types of art made by our local artists, but the PWAS area of expertise ends there. And PWAS’s involvement is 100% volunteer. Since those other areas of interest would be recruited, organized and handled under the job description of the Arts Recreation Specialist for the county, who is in that paid position, then Mr. Williams would be just the person to do that job.