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Post 107: A Juried Art Show

A Juried Art Show

If you are a new artist, you may not know what certain terminology used in art circles are - which I found out quickly when I first started showing my artwork. Maybe you are in that position too; so I hope this helps you get going when you enter a juried and/or a judged show.

Stonebridge "Open Space Arts" Nov-Dec 2021 in Woodbridge, VA was a juried art event where about 14 artists were entered

1. What does a Juried Art Show mean?

When an art show is "juried", that means that only selected pieces will be accepted to be hung at the event, show, or gallery for the predetermined period of time. The sponsors of the art event want to have a great art show for the visitors to see, for enjoyment and for potential sales. Some art events are "blind juried" which means the judges do not know the name of the artist submitting the work (although the signature may be a give-away). The event will ask for "Call for Entries" to an event, but please follow the directions carefully! The directions may include the following:

  • A fee
  • A certain number of entries allowed with good quality photographs of the work only (usually no background and without the frame) and formatting requirements
  • A theme may be asked for or for you to enter specific categories
  • Size requirements
  • Hanging requirements
  • A due date

A panel of artist peers from the local art community may be the committee to review the entries. Sometimes the judges are gallery owners or curators and are paid a fee for their time. Strong composition, balance, value, color and technique are all reviewed as well as properly framed artwork (as needed).

2. What is a judged art event?

In a judged art exhibit, the works are evaluated for special recognition and are ranked. Awards, cash prizes and other acknowledgements may be a part of some art shows.

3. Why are there only X amount of entries allowed?

An easy answer is that it depends on the space allocated for the display and the size of the artwork necessary to fill that space, along with the number of entries. Be sure to include your best works when entering and the maximum number allowed - without exceeding that number.

4. Why wasn't my artwork selected?

A tougher question to answer and there could be a wide variety of reasons for an artist's work to not be selected. One of the most often reasons for acceptance could be that the photograph of the artwork did not show your work in its best light or format, so the judges were not able to consider the work. Alternatively, the artist may not have followed all the criteria necessary for entry. 

Nonetheless, it is an honor to be selected to a juried event, even if only one of your pieces is accepted. Many artists don't make it in their first attempts, so don't be discouraged.

After the selections are announced, be sure to then follow the directions on how to get your artwork TO the event - including the where, when and exact times.  
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Local Art: Visit us at Open Space Arts at Stonebridge, 15000 #140 Potomac Town Center, Woodbridge, VA on Wednesdays - Saturdays 12-7pm and Sundays from 12 to 5 – it’s free to see the artwork! Want to join PWAS? Go to https://www.princewilliamartsociety.com/membership

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Author: Donna Liguria
An artist member of PWAS in Woodbridge, VA specializing in acrylic painting. She paints landscapes, seascapes, animals and many subjects. Visit her Website at https://DonnaLiguriaArt.com & her Blog at https://donnascavepainting.blogspot.com/.

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